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After 35 years of operation, Polcar remains unique:

  • Polcar has been operating in the automotive spare parts market since 1986. Polcar is one of the biggest suppliers of car body parts in Europe.
  • From the very beginning the company has followed Christian ethics manifest by an individual approach to each client and respect for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • The company has been financed by its funds – that’s why we are a 100% Polish business.
  • The largest European warehouse constructed to store big size body parts.
  • Philosophy of fair choice.
  • Deep specialization in a wide range of body and associated parts.
  • Polcar doesn’t create its own branches but strongly supports independent regional dealers in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this policy Polcar never competes with its own customers.
  • Our warehouse became an European factory storage place for over 350 worldwide producers securing constant availability of their products.
  • Purchasing goods directly from factories (without trading companies) and frequent visits to production lines.
  • Unique database and over 100 000 high-quality photos of parts taken in own studio.
  • Polcar doesn’t offer products from the same production line differing only by packaging or brand. We specialize in parts in original factory packaging.
  • Company founder with co-creators are active in the business and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Own brand SRL (Selected Replacement Line)
  • Over 800 employees – including the Polcar network in Poland.
  • Own truck fleet, consisting of more than 100 trucks.

Those who have not visited Polcar’s logistic center are kindly invited to use multimedia to get to know our company: