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This policy refers to cookies and web sites maintained by BIM BG Ltd. with registration address: Sofia, Bulgaria 1505, ul. Tsarichina 2

What cookies are?

Cookies are data files that include unlimited text content which is stored in the users’ computers serving the purpose of improving working with the website. These files allow the consumer to be identified and the website to be adapted to his preferences. The cookies usually contain the name of the web site they belong to, the storage period on the user's computer, and a unique code.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to adapt the website content to the preferences of the individual user and to optimize working with the specified website. They are also used to prepare anonymous general statistics that help us understand how users work with the web sites, which helps to improve their structure and content, while having no access to the user‘s personal information.

What cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies - temporary and fixed. The first ones are temporary files that are generated in the user's computer until they close the web site or the application (web browser). The fixed files remain in the user's computer for a period of time specified in the cookies parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.

Cookies used by partners of a website operator, including the website users with no limitations, are subject to their own privacy policies.

Do cookies contain personal information?

Personal information that is accumulated through cookies can be used to perform certain operations for the user. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes access to it impossible by unauthorized persons.

Deleting Cookies

As a rule, the applications used for surfing in web sites allow preservation of cookies by default. This setting can be changed in a way that the automatic saving of cookies to be blocked in the web browser or the user to be informed each time before cookies are stored on the computer. Detailed information about the various ways of work with cookies can be found in the settings of the application web browser.

The restriction of cookies may affect some of the website’s functionalities.