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Unique Polcar activity distinguish us even after 30 years by:

  • Polcar has been operating in the automotive spare parts market since 1986. Polcar is one of the biggest suppliers of car body parts in Europe.
  • From the very beginning the company follows Christian ethics what is manifested by individual approach to client and also respect to customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Company activity has been financed by own funds – that’s why we are in 100% Polish enterprise.
  • The largest European warehouse constructed to store big size body parts.
  • Philosophy of fair choice.
  • Deep specialization in the range of body and associated parts.
  • Polcar doesn’t create own branches but strongly supports independent regional dealers in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this policy Polcar never becomes a competitor towards own customers.
  • Our warehouse became an European factory storage place for over 350 worldwide producers securing constant availability of their products.
  • Purchasing goods directly from factories (without trading companies) and frequent visitation of production lines.
  • Unique database and over 80 000 high-density photos of parts taken in own studio.
  • Polcar doesn’t offer products coming from the same production line differing only by different way of packaging or brand. We specialize in parts in factory packaging.
  • Company founder with co-creators actively take part in the business and strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Own brand SRL (Selected Replacement Line)
  • Over 800 employees – including Polcar network in Poland.
  • Own truck fleet, consisting of more than 100 trucks.

All who had no opportunity to visit Polcar logistic center are kindly invited to see multimedia to get to know our company: